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About the Program

Rentcars is the largest Latin American car rental website encompassing over 160 countries with established partnerships with all the major global car rental companies.

Rentcars's Affiliate Program is a type of partnership tailored for sites, blogs, tour operators and social media pages focused on travel content.

We offer a variety of integration methods so that you can choose what best suits your webpage's needs. We'll then pay your commission based on the bookings made through that same webpage. Yeah, we make it that simple!

Our Affiliate Program has absolutely no subscription fees which translates into the perfect opportunity for you to boost profits on your website, blog or social media page. And better yet! The entire structure required for search, payment processing, issuing booking vouchers and customer service is on us.

We offer an exclusive dashboard with real time updates so that you're able to track your results and commissions whenever you like.

We offer a specialized team ready to help you on a moment's notice.

Our product offers exclusive conditions such as:

  • Option of paying online or upon arrival;
  • Exclusive discounts;
  • The best car rental companies from around the globe in one convenient location;
  • No amendment fees;
  • Amazing Trustpilot customer reviews.

Any travel, leisure or tourism related website, social media page, or blog owner may qualify. However, we only evaluate already established and perfectly functioning sites.

Click on the "Sign-up" button and fill out all the requested fields. We'll evaluate your website and get back to you in up to 3 business days.

Initially, only basic information necessary for evaluation such as: name, email and website URL. Once approved, you'll receive an email where you'll need to fill out a more detailed questionnaire.

No. Being a Rentcars Affiliate is 100% free.

Upon signing-up, your website will undergo an evaluation which may take up to 3 business days and, once approved for the program, you'll receive orientation via the registered email as to the next steps. In case you're not approved, an email will also be sent to you letting you know.

Provide a valid URL containing travel, tourism and/or leisure content.

The website must be ready and in perfect working conditions. Websites still undergoing construction will not be approved.

The website must offer some form of content and may not consist solely in advertisement banners.

The website may not offer for download any books, movies, music, games, software or any other type of copyright protected materials.

Beyond this, websites that do not comply with the Program Policies will not be approved. Policies include, but are not limited to:

  • * Promote any type of pornography;
  • * Promote or incite any form of violence;
  • * Promote fire arms and/or any other lethal weapon;
  • * Promote or incite any form of discrimination be it racial, sexual, social, religious, age-related, nationality-related or any other;
  • * Promote illegal activities;
  • * Violates any copyright or intellectual property laws.

Yes. In order to do this, you just have to access your registration data, go to “Add New Site”, and fill in the information. Within 3 days you will receive an email from Rentcars, informing you of the status of the request.

No. Your websites will all be registered to the same account.

In the "My Data" tab of our Affiliates panel, you can view and change the following information: Email, phone, address, bank account, Login and Password. If the desired data is not available, you can contact our team, through the email affiliates@rentcars.com.

Yes. To request this modification, please reach out to us at affiliates@rentcars.com. The new URL will undergo approval before being changed.

Yes, whenever you'd like. To request deactivation from our program, reach out to us at affiliates@rentcars.com.

Yes. Rentcars may, at its sole discretion and convenience, remove or suspend an Affiliate's access in cases where the Affiliate incites:

  • * Suspicion of false information;
  • * Illegal activity;
  • * Non-compliance with any of our Terms and Conditions.

Your profits depend on the amount of bookings originating from our components; those which have already been integrated on your sale's channel.

Rentcars's Affiliate Program is based on profit sharing: for each redeemed booking, we pay you a commission based on the percentage established for the partnership. We'd like to highlight, however, that our commission proposal is scalable, depending on the volume of bookings generated, and can come to be up to a 50% share.

Yes. All integrations use the same database as that of Rentcars which, in turn, allows your customers to enjoy the same discounts and rates provided exclusively by Rentcars.

Yes. You can rent a vehicle through your website just like any other customer. Your commission will be generated normally, just as it would be for any other customer.

Once you sign-up for the program, you'll receive a unique code, what we call a requestor ID, that will serve as your Rentcars Affiliate identification. This code must be present in all integrations that redirect to Rentcars.

Through this code will the system be able to track the entire booking process (from when the customer first reaches Rentcars via your website to the moment where the customer finalizes a booking).

No. The use or reproduction of, but not limited to, names, titles, words, phrases, patents, images, data and information, except when expressly given authorization by Rentcars or when destined for exclusive personal use and in a manner that guarantees that no internet user comes to have possession of such, is strictly prohibited.

Any questions concerning bookings, payments, cancellations, modifications, sales or quality of service should be directed to Rentcars through our Service Center where we maintain a well-trained and specialized team to provide support 7 days a week.

The Affiliate does not need to worry about this type of support. That's why we're here. If you have any doubts, just reach out to us. We'll be happy to help.

All bookings are processed entirely by Rentcars (from the moment it's requested to when the booking is confirmed). The Affiliate can track, in real time and directly on the Affiliate Dashboard, booking status updates up to when the booking is ready for pay-out of due commissions.

Rentcars provides rates payable online or upon arrival. For bookings made with online payment, the customer should only provide payment within the secured and encrypted Rentcars environment or via our Booking Center. On the other hand, for bookings payable upon arrival, the customer will provide payment directly to the rental company when picking up the vehicle.

Never accept paying for your customer's bookings.

The steps for cancellation or modification of bookings are the same as those of Rentcars. The customer must reach out to our Booking Center via the phone numbers:

  • +55 (41) 3152-9700

Or place a request via Rentcars. Just access the customer area, locate the booking you'd like to modify or cancel and place the request.


At the beginning of each month, our finance department completes the commission report, considering all reservations that are eligible for the payment of commission and that took place during the previous month. Then in the Affiliate Panel, under the "Commissions Received" tab, the payment amount will be released.

In order to receive the value, you must validate all information within the report, including the information regarding the amount.

After your ok, we have up to five (5) business days to validate the report and make the payment, which will be made by transfer or bank deposit, into the account informed at the time of registration.

If your account is a Legal Entity:

At the beginning of the month, if you have any amount to receive, it will appear on your Approved Commissions report. You must validate the information and then insert the Invoice within the Affiliates panel. Payment is made by checking account deposit. It is necessary that the registration number of the company in the relevant institution of each country is linked to the Affiliate's bank account. No third party accounts or salary accounts will be accepted. Only one invoice must be made per period and should be in the total amount of receivable commissions. In the service description, the invoice must contain the following wording: "Commission on the indication of rental vehicles online".

In the event of any invoice being rejected due to an issue error, the Affiliate must cancel it and generate a new one. In cases of cancellation of an invoice, it is mandatory to send the canceled one together with the new invoice to the email financial@rentcars.com. Upon receipt and validation of the invoice, we will return by email with the date of payment. Please note that some banks may require up to 72 business hours to make the amount available in your account. To check your payments go to the "Billing" tab in the Affiliate Dashboard.

If you have an Individual Entity account:

In order to receive the amount, the affiliate must go to "Approved Commissions", validate the information and click the button to agree to the report. After this, you will receive an email with the payment date and the RPA (Self-Payment Receipt).

The payment is made through deposit in checking account. It is important to remember that the registered account must be linked to the Affiliate's identity document given at the time of registration. No third party accounts or salary account will be accepted. If it is necessary to use third-party accounts, it will be mandatory to use the Financial Transaction Terms and Conditions, which must be previously prepared at the beginning of the business relationship.

* Taxes retained for Individuals

INSS: The gross amount of the Affiliate's Individual Entity Fee will have a discount of 11% relative to the INSS, which is a mandatory tax collected from the Affiliate on the services rendered.

IR: If the value of the commission exceeds the exemption value established by the table of the Taxation Institution of your country, it will also incur in the collection of Income Tax withheld at source, according to the guidance of Provisional Measure 670 of 03/10/2015. In this case, there will be a deduction in the commission amount. For more information on the current tariffs and rates, please consult the Taxation Institution of your country.

* Indication of a joint account

Yes. The minimum amount for payment of commissions is US$500,00.

Yes. If the minimum US$500,00 for payment is not met, your commission will roll over to the following month and continue accumulating until the US$500,00 mark is met and your account becomes eligible for pay-out.

Commissions are paid to Affiliates once the rental company confirms the use of the booking and pays us the due commission for such. Until this happens, the booking will remain as pendent on the dashboard.

Deadlines for booking redemption confirmation and receipt of commissions are:

  • Bookings made in Brazil will be positioned on the Affiliate's dashboard in up to 60 days from when the vehicle was returned.
  • Bookings made in countries other than Brazil will be positioned on the Affiliate's Dashboard in up to 120 days from when the vehicle was returned.

The payment process may be extended beyond the normal deadline under the following circumstances:

  • If there are discrepancies or delay in the payment of due commissions by the Rental Company.
  • If there are discrepancies in the Affiliate's bank account or affiliate account information.

Should the rental company position the booking as non-redeemed, the booking's status will be altered to cancelled.

No. Once your website or blog reaches the minimum amount required for commission pay-out, the payment process will run smoothly. However, in cases where the Commission Report is sent in without positioning for payment, affiliation may be paused until normalized.

Yes. This happens when already requested bookings are modified. For example:

  • * The Rental Company may inform a lack of vehicle availability for the elected dates. Should this happen, we'll request authorization from the customer in order to transfer the booking to another Rental Company. In these cases, the value of the booking may remain the same, be raised or reduced but will remain linked to your Affiliate ID.
  • * The customer decides to add rental days to their booking which, in turn, raises the Affiliate's commissionable amount.
  • * The customer decides to reduce the amount of rental days which, in turn, also reduces the Affiliate's commissionable amount.

You can check and track all due commissions that have been transferred to your registered account directly on the Affiliates Dashboard.

Listed here is the information required in a service invoice.

* Service Provider's Information

Full Name / Full Address / Phone Number / Website(s) / Email.
* Rentcars's Information
Company Name: Rentcars Ltda
National Registry of Legal Entity (CNPJ): 10.998.234/0001-23

The amount contained in the Invoice must match exactly the amount contained in the Commission Report.

No. Your account is free and does not possess any inactivity fees.

No. You will only receive a commission if the customer redeems their booking, the rental company confirms the booking as redeemed and pays us the due commission. Cancelled bookings are not considered in the Commission Report.


A banner is an advertising piece with the extension GIF or JPEG and made available in a variety of formats (sizes).

Once our banner is added to your website, whenever a customer clicks on it, they'll be redirected to our website and their rental will be accredited to your Affiliate account.

It's a flexible type of advertisement that adapts to your website's content. You can create links that best match your demographics’ preferences and display them on your website whichever way you find best in order to improve your results.

To find out how to create Custom Links, access the Affiliate's Dashboard. There you'll be able to create Custom Links for each section of Rentcars or, if you prefer, a generic, one size fits all, link.

Also known as a search engine, it's an integration component that allows customers to choose their destination and desired dates so that, when being redirected to our website, their search already returns results with those same specifications.

It's a high performance tool that turns in excellent conversion rates.

We offer a variety of models on our dashboard so that you may choose the one that best fits your website's content.

Due to the high frequency of rate updates, we recommend that you do not publicize rates because we will not take responsibility for misinformation on Affiliate websites.

No. Due to Rentcars's standard for the use of its brand as well as its attributes, creation of new components, especially banners, as well as the modification of those already available on the Affiliate's Dashboard, is considered to be a copyright infringement.

All integrations are performed by Rentcars itself and, should there be any special requirements for such, please feel free to reach out to us so that we may analyze your request.

Yes. Sales are computed though the presence of your Unique Code (ID) within the link that brought the customer to Rentcars. Once this happens, the entire user journey on our website is tracked and, if booking is placed and redeemed, will generate a commission.

When integrating our components, all codes made available on the dashboard will already contain your ID so that reservations may be accredited to your Affiliate account.


You can track booking requests by day, week or month directly on the Affiliate Dashboard. Besides calculating your commission, it's possible to also check the booked destination, booking ID, booking amount as well as the booking status (pendent, approved, cancelled).

Report updates are all done online. In other words, bookings are made available to you as soon as they are confirmed on our website.

  • Pendent: A booking was generated and is awaiting positioning by the Rental Company in regard to whether or not it was redeemed. This is a transitional status between the phases of booking confirmation and confirmation of booking redemption.
  • Cancelled - Means that your booking was cancelled by the customer or that the Rental Company informed us that the booking was not redeemed. Therefore, it is possible for a booking to have its status altered from pendent to cancelled even after the scheduled vehicle return date.
  • Therefore, cancelled bookings are not commissioned.
  • Finalized - This status indicates that the reservation has already been positioned by the Rental Company and that your commission is ready to paid out.

Once the status “Finalized” is attributed to the booking, that same booking will be considered in your next Commission Report. The entire process, from when it's positioned to when payment is made, can be tracked on the Affiliate Dashboard.

Cookie Policy

This policy indicated how Rentcars (“Rentcars”) collects and uses information via cookie technology. Below we describe how our website uses this technology in order to provide additional features to our Affiliate.

The non-acceptance of this policy will not imply a limitation of our Affiliate’s access to the website. It will simply reduce the level of interaction with the website’s functionalities.

Cookies are small text-based files that are stored by the browser in your device (PC or Mobile). These small files allow the website to store information such as your preferences as well as information concerning your digital location (IP address) or even information on your operating system’s and/or device’s (PC or Mobile) screen size.

This cookie technology may be portrayed as a website’s memory which is used to identify you and your preferences on how to better present information.

  • Login-related cookies
    We use cookies to identify when you are logged into our Affiliates Panel and to remember you when you return to our panel. These cookies are deleted every time the Affiliate “logs-out” of our panel. That also guarantees that the Affiliate will only be able to access certain areas and data whenever such Affiliate is logged in.

From time to time, we need to share some information collected by our cookies with partners or external websites. Below we explain how this information is shared.

  1. Our website uses Google Analytics as a traffic analysis tool. We use it to improve our understanding on how our Affiliate behave inside our websites, always aimed at meeting our Affiliate’s expectations. These cookies may keep record of time spent in the website or even pages you visited inside our system in order for us to improve the content made available.
  2. From time to time we may test new functionalities and displays in our website in order to keep track of our Affiliate’s experience and use cookies to record the data.
  3. To improve our Affiliate’s experience, we keep buttons and/or plugins that allow the Affiliate’s connection to social networks through our website. In order for that to be possible, the social networks (Facebook and Google Plus) may store cookies throughout our website so as to improve the Affiliate’s experience. Being that these are external websites, we do not keep track of the data collected by these cookies. For that matter, we recommend reading the concerning cookie policy for the used network.
  4. Other websites are used to store performance analyses and usability in our system. These cookies can also keep record of how the website is used by the Affiliate. This may include, but is not limited to, browsing time in our Affiliates Panel.
  5. In order to improve the usability of our systems, cookies that store geolocalization information are used so that we are able to provide relevant information and display pricing information in the currency of the Affiliate’s country of access.

We may use both session and persistent cookies jointly with e-mails sent in HTML format. We may use these technologies to help identify e-mail characteristics (i.e.: if you received our e-mail or even if you opted out of receiving our email).

We collect information from your computer when you access our website. This information is collected from your browser and may include your IP address, operating system, browser, screen resolution and the reference site you used to find us.

If you are not comfortable with the use of this cookie technology and with the information we may gather, you can access your browser’s settings to delete or even prevent cookies from having access to your information.

Every browser has functionalities that may limit a website’s cookie functions and usage. There are different sets of configurations for every browser. We recommend you seek the necessary information in order to disable these functionalities by going to the Help section of your browser.

We hope we were able to clarify any doubts you might have had about our cookie usage and the data gathered by this technology. However, if you still have questions, please reach out to us so that we may clear them up.

You may contact us via:

Email: privacy@rentcars.com; affiliates@rentcars.com
Website: affiliates.rentcars.com/en/contact


On one hand, RENTCARS LTDA, a corporate entity of private law, registered as Tax ID# 10.998.234/0001-23, headquartered at Rua Nunes Machado, 68, 12nd floor, Curitiba/PR, ZIPCODE 80250-000, and RENTCARS BV, a Dutch privately-held company, enrolled under the Tax ID No. 859404900, headquartered at Schiphol Boulevard 347, 1118BJ, Schiphol, Netherlands, both hereinafter referred to as RENTCARS; and, on the other hand, the AFFILIATE, whose qualification is found in the Affiliate Panel, hereinafter referred to as AFFILIATE.

Resolve, in common agreement, to sign the present Terms and Conditions (“Term”) of Partnership, to which, once signed, they shall be bound, and whereby they undertake and accept the clauses and conditions established below.


AFFILIATE: refers to the owner of the Internet address affiliated to RENTCARS.

“Black Hat” (also known as spamdexing): any attempt to redirect the results of a search for specific pages in such a way or manner that it infringes the Regulations of Spam. The techniques of Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) include: excessive use of keywords, hidden texts or links, input pages or techniques of Cloaking, artificial networks and spam in the comments of blogs.

Customer: refers to a visitor of the website of the Affiliate that executes and concludes a reservation of vehicles with RENTCARS.

Commission: financial remuneration to which the AFFILIATE has right for the services of disclosure and generation of reservations in the platform of RENTCARS.

Right of Intellectual Property: any patent, copyright, inventions, database rights, design rights, registered design, trademark, brand name, logotypes, technique, utility model, domain name and country code or any similar right or obligation, whether registered or without registration or any other Right of Intellectual or Industrial Property which exists in any territory or jurisdiction.

Lessor: company which handles rental of cars with which RENTCARS works.

Link: designates an icon, banner, widget, object, graph or text incorporated in a page of Internet, application or email which consists of directing hypertext of the Website of the AFFILIATE to an online address of the website of RENTCARS.

Parties: refers to RENTCARS and or the AFFILIATE (each one designated individually as “Party”).

Third Party Platforms: any search engine (advertising supplier); websites of travel search, price comparison; social network communities; browsers; sharing of service hosting contents, multimedia services of blog or other channels, or any other ways of means of communication (traffic hosting), either online or off-line.

Term of positioning and possible payment by RENTCARS to the AFFILIATE: refers to the term between the return of the vehicle by the Customer and the time required so that RENTCARS can possibly commission the AFFILIATE. This term encompasses the time practiced by the Lessors to position RENTCARS regarding the use or not of a reservation (show / no show). Considering the average term exercised by the Lessors, RENTCARS shall take a position and, if the reservation has actually occurred, commission the AFFILIATE (as of the date of return of the vehicle) within 120 (one hundred and twenty) days. Nevertheless, bearing in mind occasional operational limitations occurring by Lessors, RENTCARS reserves the right, in at most 10% (ten percent) of the cases, to extend such term until the moment of the effective positioning of the reservation by the Lessor.

Regulations of Spam: designates any conditions, regulations, restrictions or obligations which prescribe from time to time, declared applicable or announced in Third Party Platforms which (i) forbid or prevent Dual Servers, Cloaking or any other similar method or technique; or (ii) contain any other restrictions or regulations concerning spam or preservation of the experience of a single visitor.

TAG: computer program written in Javascript language which runs directly in the Customer’s computer, more specifically in the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.). This program is used to execute certain actions directly in site Rentcars.

Transaction Executed: refers to leasing which has been: (i) executed by the Customer; (ii) positioned and concluded with the Lessor; and (iii) RENTCARS receives its corresponding commissioning.

Website(s) of the Affiliate: designates the website(s) belonging to, controlled, received and operated by the AFFILIATE in which the Service shall be made available.


1. The Program of Affiliates Rentcars aims to disclose the generation of reservations of leasing of vehicles on the website of RENTCARS through the sites of the Affiliates.


2.1. RENTCARS shall pay the percentage of 20% (twenty percent) of its NET commissioning to the AFFILIATE for each vehicle reservation which is finished through the Website of the Affiliate. 

2.1.1. The AFFILIATE shall previously inform RENTCARS if and when the AFFILIATE makes available on its sites vehicle rental services of others Online Travel Agencies, whose business competes directly with RENTCARS.  

2.1.2. Other than those Online Travel Agencies previously informed by the AFFILIATE according to section above, the AFFILIATE shall not offer or render any similar services to the services offered by RENTCARS

2.2. If RENTCARS receives its remuneration in installments, the percentage corresponding to the AFFILIATE shall also be transferred in installments, following the same number of installments and their respective amounts. The settlement of the first remittance shall only occur after the positioning by the Lessor indicating if the reservation was effectively used, respecting the terms of positioning foreseen in the aforesaid TERMS AND DEFINITIONS, even though previous installments have already been paid by the Customer.

2.3. The payment referring to the commission of the AFFILIATE shall be transferred to the account owned by it indicated in the Panel of Affiliates in 20 (twenty) working days after the receipt of the invoice.

2.3.1. If the amounts owed to the AFFILIATE are less than US$500.00 (five hundred dollars) the sum due shall remain accrued for the following months or transferred within 15 working days if the partnership is formally terminated.

2.4. To have right to such percentage, the leasing shall be (i) executed by the Customer; (ii) positioned and concluded with the Lessor; and (iii) RENTCARS receive its corresponding commissioning referring to this reservation, observing the minimum term of positioning of the Lessors before RENTCARS and consequently RENTCARS before the AFFILIATE, as foreseen in the aforesaid Clauses.

2.5. The AFFILIATE shall be able to check the accrued amounts through the “Panel of Affiliate” through the use of its login and access password.

2.5.1 If the AFFILIATE disagrees with the information appearing in the Panel of Affiliates regarding the accrued amounts and, if the divergence is not resolved by the 15th (fifteenth) of the month of closing the report, the bill of sale/invoice, as well as the corresponding payment shall be processed as per the amounts originally foreseen. The possible difference, if there is one, shall be adjusted in the month following the solution of the divergence. If there is no adjustment in the ensuing month, the Parties shall no longer be able to question the amounts concerned.

2.6. If there are possible payment disputes (“chargebacks”) or possible reversals and/or returns which RENTCARS needs to make to the Customer, the commissioning amount of RENTCARS shall be reduced partially, or even fully. In these cases, RENTCARS reserves the right to debit the sum referring to the commissioning of the AFFILIATE from the accrued amounts in the month immediately following that of the reversal and/or return.

2.7. If the present Term is terminated without reason and there are still outstanding reservations of positioning and/or payment to RENTCARS by the Lessor, the AFFILIATE shall have right to its commissioning installment, which shall be paid by RENTCARS after the receipt of its own commission.


3.1. The AFFILIATE undertakes and shall be solely responsible for:

a) developing, operating and taking care of the maintenance of its site, and for all the material and information presented on it;

b) certifying that any material on its site does not violate or infringe copyright of RENTCARS or third parties (including copyright, brands, photographs, and other rights of intellectual property and image), as well as ensuring that the material is not defamatory, illegal or contrary to the policies of RENTCARS;

c) certifying that the integration between its site and the site of RENTCARS is duly configured, as well as integrating the code provided by RENTCARS correctly and without modification, ensuring that under no circumstances is such code transferred to third parties or used in any other media, website or advertising mechanisms; 

d) obtaining the due authorization for dispatch of email to Customers and, if requested, presenting such authorization to RENTCARS;

e) informing RENTCARS about any corporate alteration, assignment of part of its assets, alteration of its corporate object or any other modifications which this partnership incompatible or impossible to maintain; 

h) when applicable, make available its “TAG”, in legible format and without minification, for prior analysis by RENTCARS before its inclusion in the website or at any moment that it requested by RENTCARS;

i) always maintain updated all its data in the Panel of Affiliates;

3.1.2. RENTCARS shall not be responsible for any incorrect information published on the site of the Affiliate, or inserted in its Panel of Affiliate, or any losses occurring due to poor formatting of its links or poor maintenance thereof, which is the exclusive responsibility of the AFFILIATE.

3.2. The AFFILIATE agrees that under no circumstances, and under penalty of exclusion from the Program of Affiliates, shall it be able to:

a) compete directly with RENTCARS, developing its own vehicle ́s price comparison platform;

b) send any type of information, by email, to Customers which have not expressly authorized and requested the receipt thereof; 

c) use marketing email campaigns of RENTCARS, or its sites, to disclose and/or resend messages between its visitors and/or Customers that have not previously been approved and/or disclosed by RENTCARS;

d) use its code of Affiliates for links and URLs on unauthorized pages and images; or use the URLs and domains of any site belonging to RENTCARS for registration on sites of search, research, portals, comparisons of products, among others which have not been expressly authorized in the Program of Affiliates;

e) use, alter or also relate in an offensive, abusive or undue manner the name, brand, image, text, page - albeit partially - of any site belonging to RENTCARS which have not been expressly authorized;

f) disclose, support or report any material, image or contents which furthers pornography, violence, racial, sexual, social, religious discrimination, by age or nationality; illegal activities and/or those which infringe copyright or intellectual property and/or practice abusively techniques of “Black Hat”;

g) disclose by any means of paid ads (Google Adwords, Bing Ads, etc.) other services of renting vehicles which are not those offered by RENTCARS. Publications of its own authorship, not sponsored or paid, in its own profile in social networks not handled by this clause;

h) incur any type of fraud, either in modeling the assignment of sales of the database of the AFFILIATE, or any internal information issued to RENTCARS;

i) make available its “TAG” with any indication of ofuscated code, minification or in any way suspect which may come to deceive the system of generation and transmission of reservations of RENTCARS to the AFFILIATE.

j) disclose any information existing in its Panel of Affiliate, whether referring to amounts, numbers of reservations, information referring to commissions or other information or promotions of RENTCARS, which has not been approved and/or disclosed beforehand;

k) accept, make any offers, or in another way act in the name of RENTCARS.

l) make any statement, on its site or in any other place, which contradicts any of the terms described in this Term.

3.2.1. In the occurrence of the case foreseen in clause 3.2. above, the incidence of an indemnifying fine equal to the double of the total amount of commissions received by the AFFILIATE in the last 12 (twelve) months of Partnership is hereby established between the PARTIES. Without loss of this fine, RENTCARS shall withhold as partial indemnification all payment still outstanding, as well as take the fitting judicial measures to seek criminal accountability of the AFFILIATE, besides civil indemnification of the injured parties.


4.1. RENTCARS undertakes, and shall be responsible for the following conduct:

a) supply of the integration components required to redirect the Customers to its website;

b) fulfillment of the information disclosed by it, assuming the obligation of maintaining the AFFILIATE exempt of all the damage arising from noncompliance therewith. The responsibility of RENTCARS is limited to the information which it shall provide to the AFFILIATE, unless the problems of the Customers are generated by an act or omission of the AFFILIATE. In this case the AFFILIATE shall answer exclusively for the judicial and/or extrajudicial costs and losses.

c) disclosure of advertising information, amounts or tariffs indicated on its own platform or supplied by RENTCARS to the AFFILIATE.

d) maintaining its system available during 98% (ninety-eight percent) of concurrent hours, calculated monthly; not being responsible, nevertheless, for interruptions or errors which occur in the transmission of data on the Internet;

e) installation, accommodation and management of “TAG” of the AFFILIATE (when applicable and if approved).

4.2. RENTCARS, owner, among others, of the sites and apps Rentcars and Rentcars.br, shall be able to alter the procedures for the Customer, as well as amend the contracts signed with the partner Lessors at any time and as it exclusively defines. The tariffs presented can be altered at any moment. Nevertheless, RENTCARS undertakes to honor the price in force on the website at the moment of the execution of search and effective reservation by the Customer.


5.1. The PARTIES, for themselves, their partners or controlling shareholders, and coworkers declare and undertake, in each and any act related to the present Term that:

a) they shall execute their activities observing the legislation in force, they have not committed and shall not commit any act/fact of corruption, fraud, bribery, undue payment, money laundering, cartel, antitrust, administrative impropriety and/or competitive crime, in the form of the legislation in force, including of other countries, if applicable to their business, henceforth denominated “Anti-corruption Laws”; 

b) they shall adopt all the measures required so that the entities involved in the execution of the present Term comply with the Anti-corruption Laws, for the prevention and detection of possible infringements of the applicable legislation in force;

c) they undertake to ensure the maintenance of the secrecy of all the commercial secrets, technical knowledge and other information which they may come to be aware of from each other due to the commercial relationship that the present Program of Affiliates, as well as declare that they are fully aware that they are forbidden, in any case or pretext, from using, disclosing, making available, transferring, assigning in any way or providing information and/or data from each other or third parties involved, obtained arising from this Term, except for the fulfillment of clauses of this  Term, as well as if there is authorization from the Party Disclosing the information for this purpose, under penalty of bearing the direct losses and damages arising therefrom. The obligation of nondisclosure shall extend even after the end of this Term, for the term of 05 (five) years.

d) they agree and expressly undertake to collect and process the personal data of any Customer fully respecting the provisions contained in the Regulations (UE) 2016/679 (GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation), as well as any other similar national legislation applicable concerning the protection of data, including the new Data Protection Act 2018, United Kingdom Parliament, the Brazilian Federal Law n.º 12.965/2014 (Civil Rights Based Framework for the Internet), and the Brazilian Federal Law n.º 13.709/2018 (Personal Data Protection Act), also observing and respecting possible amendments and new legislations, regulations and governmental orders related to data protection, privacy and security. In the case of possible infringement of that set forth in this clause, the Infringing Party assumes full responsibility in compensating each and any cost borne by the other Party directly or indirectly), without loss of bringing possible appropriate suits.

5.2. Due to the liabilities assumed in the present Term, the party which fails to comply with provision contained herein undertakes to indemnify and hold the Innocent Party and all its linked companies harmless concerning any claims, of any nature, brought by the Innocent Party or by any third party regarding the object of this Term, having to bear all the costs and expenses related to such claims.

5.3. None of the PARTIES shall be liable for noncompliance with the contractual provisions due to act of God or force majeure. 


6.1. The AFFILIATE grants the right and license for use of graphs, logotypes, trade name, brands, and any other similar ID materials and those related to copyright and intellectual property which are supplied, strictly for online and off-line ads, trade fairs and disclosure on reservation channels, as well as the right of executing advertising campaigns online and in traditional media, mentioning the names of its establishments, its possible trademarks and the use of images to gain possible Customers.

6.2. RENTCARS grants to the AFFILIATE the right and the license to further and sell the services in accordance with the conditions established in this Term, as provided or made available by RENTCARS to the AFFILIATE, provided that it is solely and exclusively for the purposes proposed by the Program of Affiliates.

6.3. The AFFILIATE grants to RENTCARS the right and the license to incorporate, integrate, include, display the Link and/or the Connection, as well as make available its serviced on the website(s) of the Affiliate;


7. The property rights on all the icons, messages and other images, as well as of the name and brand Rentcars belong to RENTCARS, the AFFILIATE being forbidden to modify an of the icons, messages or other images contained in the material available on the sites of RENTCARS.


8.1. The present Partnership in the Program of Affiliates shall start upon the date of its acceptance and shall remain in force for an undetermined term, being able to be terminated at any time by the AFFILIATE or by RENTCARS, with or without reason, regardless of the payment of any fine, through the dispatch of communication in writing, the communication made by email being accepted as valid.

8.2. The end of the Partnership shall be considered to be executed on the date of dispatch of communication by email, either to the official mail of RENTCARS; or to the email registered by the AFFILIATE in the Panel of Affiliate.


9.1. The PARTIES perform and shall perform the activities related to the present Program of Affiliates as independent Parties, there not being, for any purposes, any type of company, association, joint venture or, also, any other relationship of a similar nature between the PARTIES, none of the PARTIES being allowed to act in the name of another one. Moreover, the PARTIES acknowledge and declare, in this act, that there is no relationship of intermediation, representation or employment link. Thus, RENTCARS shall not be responsible for any damage, loss of income, profit or information arising directly or indirectly from this Program of Affiliates.

9.2. The present Term constitutes the full agreement between the PARTIES, prevailing over any other agreement, oral or in writing, established beforehand.

9.3. All the notifications and other communication required or allowed here shall be in writing and considered to be received when delivered to the email registered by the AFFILIATE in its Panel of Affiliate.

9.4. The omission or tolerance of RENTCARS in demanding the strict fulfillment of the conditions of this Term, shall not constitute novation or waiver, or affect its rights, which can be exercised at any time.

9.5. In the case of any claim or dispute arising from this Term, related to it or resulting from its infringement, the PARTIES shall be guided by the principles of good faith, and make their best effort to resolve the issue in a friendly way, seeking a solution which is fair and satisfactory to both.

9.6. The AFFILIATE shall not be able to assign or transfer, in whole or in part, and under no circumstances the rights and obligations arising from the present instrument, without the prior and express authorization in writing of RENTCARS. Due to its global performance, RENTCARS is authorized to extend the conditions agreed upon in this instrument to other companies belonging to the RENTCARS group.


10.1 To settle any lawsuit arising from this instrument the PARTIES submit themselves to the laws of the Federal Republic of Brazil, the Central Court of the Judicial District of the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba being exclusively qualified, with the exclusion of any other, however privileged it may be. In that regard, the Portuguese version of this Agreement shall always prevail.

10.2 RENTCARS shall be able, at any time, to modify the present Term or any additional terms which are applicable to this Partnership to, for example, reflect amendments of the law or changes in its Services. The AFFILIATE shall see the Terms regularly. Alterations regarding new functions of a Service or amendments made for legal reasons shall come into force immediately.